To book a consultation with our attorneys, select a date and time and submit payment here.

The initial office consultation includes:

  • Determining if Public Employees Legal, LLP is the appropriate legal resource for the particular matter,
  • Discussing the background of your case,
  • Deciding whether you and our attorneys wish to work together,
  • Negotiating the retainer requirements, and
  • Often preliminary advice and discussion of next steps.

The charge for the initial office consultation is $500.00. It gives the prospective client valuable attorney time while discounting our hourly rate.  In some cases the initial consultation may need to be conducted over the telephone.  The same hourly rate applies and payment must be made in advance.

In most cases it will be worthwhile to have the attorney review documents and become familiar with the issues before the initial consultation. Relevant documents can be sent to or brought to the consultation.  You also might find it helpful both in preparation for your initial consultation and in preparation of your case to write a chronology or prepare a summary of the events and contacts with the relevant people involved in your case. If you have done so or can do so in advance of the initial consultation, send those documents as well.

1) The initial office consultation is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. Public Employees Legal, LLP does not become your attorney except by expressly entering into a written representation agreement.
2) Legal opinions provided on the spur of the moment, with limited background information exchanged, and without specific, fact-based research should not be relied upon for non-trivial legal matters. Public Employees Legal, LLP encourages you to retain an attorney so that you may have fully researched and considered legal advice – tailored to your situation – and counsel to carry out the representation.

 “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” — Abraham Lincoln