Many workers suffer industrial injuries in which they are able to continue working full duty.  Other injured workers, after a period of total disability, are able to return to work need to continue with their medical appointment and treatment for their injuries.

These industrial injuries require taking time off of work for medical appointments for treatment and therapy.   Many workers ask whether they will be compensated for their time off of work for these appointments. This article will discuss this issue.

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for My Time While I am at Medical Treatment Appointments or Therapy?  The answer is “no.”  Workers’ Compensation Law does not pay for the time off of work for medical treatment evaluations and therapy.

Is there Some Other Way I Can Get Compensation for My Time Office While I am at Medical Treatment Appointments or Therapy?  Yes. There are a few other ways of obtaining compensation for your time off of work.  

First, if you are a member of a union, you should look at your Union Contract or Memorandum of Understanding to see if there is some provision concerning time off of work for medical appointments or treatment.  

Second, if you are not a member of a union, your company may have a company policy concerning time off of work for medical appointments or treatment. 

Third, if there is no provision in either the union contact or company policy to allow for compensated time off, you can use your sick, vacation or personal time to provide you compensation for your time off.   If you are using your time, your employer may consider this Family Medical Leave Time.   If that is the case, then you will be using up some of your future Family Medical Leave Time.  

If there Anything that Workers’ Compensation Provides for Me When I Go to Medical Treatment? Workers’ compensation will provide you compensation “[i]f you have to travel to get treatment for your work injury, you are entitled to re-payment of your travel costs. The mileage rate is 58 cents ($.58) per mile. [$.58 is for mileage incurred in 2019]

Mileage for reasonable travel to the pharmacy, parking, bridge tolls, public transportation and other travel-related costs are also included.”

How Do I Get My Medical Treatment Travel Reimbursement? In order to get reimbursed, you must submit your accounting to the claims administrator for your workers’ compensation claim. There are Medical Mileage Expense Forms that you can submit to the carrier that are online.   You can get a copy of the form here.

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