*As originally reported in The Signal by Perry Smith*

The Castaic Area Town Council recently named its newest member, who happens to also be involved in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Chiquita Canyon Landfill, a local facility that’s drawn more than 5,700 complaints this year.

Oshea Orchid, an attorney, garnered the nod as the second representative for Val Verde by virtue of being the only one who applied, according to the council’s bylaws.

She formally joined Abigail DeSesa Ordway as one of two representatives for the Val Verde community on the 10-person council at the group’s meeting Wednesday.

“Val Verde has many unique issues that have historically been overlooked by the larger communities that it sits within,” Orchid wrote Thursday in a statement. “The Castaic Town Council offers us the opportunity to work with our neighboring communities on shared concerns and community projects.”

She also said residents in her community are frustrated by the lack of timely answers about the potential health risks posed by the landfill.

Orchid represents more than 100 residents who are suing Chiquita Canyon Landfill to try and shut it down and collect damages for their claims.

Last month, a county health official said their independent report on any potential health risks would likely be ready early next year, while both sides have made claims about the concerns.

Council President Bob Lewis said Monday that Orchid has become involved in the community as a board member for the Val Verde Civic Association and on the Castaic Union School District’s oversight board.

She’s quickly proven to him she cares about residents and the issues affecting them, he added, and he looks forward to working with her.

“She is quite aware of the issues that are important to the residents of Val Verde and Castaic,” he wrote in an email. “I think she will be a good representative for her community and the whole of Castaic.”