Many of our unions will start negotiating a successor contract in the new year.  Now is the time to start planning for negotiations.  With many contracts expiring June 30, 2024, it’s the time for union leaders to start the internal process of making a list and checking it twice before formally starting negotiations with management.

If the union has not already done so, it’s a good time to select a bargaining team.  This may be your union board or you may want to include other members to make sure there is adequate representation of different work areas/groups.

Next a survey of your membership should go out to identify what issues are important in their workplace.  Our office can send out those surveys for you.  Ideally, the union can also hold a meeting to hear feedback from membership.  This can be set up in person or be done virtually.

Finally, the negotiations team will develop a proposal to present to management.

We look forward to assisting you all in negotiating higher wages, fair benefits and better working conditions.